Registration to the Conference is now open. Participants are requested to register in advance.

Registration fees in GBP:

CategoriesEarly Fee
until 31/03/18
Late Fee
01/04/18 - 01/05/18
On site
from 02/05/18
Consultants & Senior Scientists 120 GBP
(150 Euro)
150 GBP
(180 Euro)
170 GBP
(200 Euro)
Trainees free free free

Proof of status is required upon check in.

Registration fees include:

  • Attendance to all scientific sessions
  • Meeting Documentations
  • Coffee, refreshments and standing lunch during official breaks

Methods & terms of payment:

Al playments could be made through the on line registration system By Credit Card
(MASTERCARD, VISA, credit cards are accepted. Online payments will be processed through the secure payment page of the Conference online system)

All payment should be made in Euros at the relative equal amount of the above GBP fees, without charges for the beneficiary. Confirmations of registrations and invoices for the relevant charges will only be sent after receipt of the appropriate fees. Outstanding payments must be paid in cash on-site.

Confirmation of participation:
As soon as the appropriate fees have been received, participants will receive a confirmation letter of the relevant bookings. Participants are kindly requested to present their registration’s confirmation letter upon their check-in at the Registration Desk, operating onsite the venue during the Meeting.

Cancellation policy:
For every written cancellation received:

March 31st, 2018: handling fee of 30 GBP will be charged
From April 1st until  April 30th 2018: 50% cancellation fees will be charged
From May 1st, 2018: 100% cancellation fees will be charged

Cancellation of registration should be in writing to the Meeting Organizing Bureau. All refunds will be made after the end of the Meeting. Bank charges will be deducted.

Badges and identification
Registration badges will be used during the Meeting. Participants will receive their badges upon their check-in at the Registrations Desk during the Meeting. For identification purposes and admission to session halls, participants are requested to wear their badges at all times. Admission to Meeting areas will not be allowed without badge identification.

Letter of invitation
Participants that require an official Invitation Letter in order to attend the Meeting may address the Meeting Secretariat, specifying the necessary details. This service is provided only to assist participants who are required to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Meeting. It should not be considered as an official invitation covering fees or any other expenses. Please note that invitation letters are issued only for those participants who have completed the registration process (paid registration fees)

For further information regarding registrations, please contact: